Steak N' Shake Opening Soon in West Des Moines

Thank the powers that be that when Steak N' Shake opens Monday in West Des Moines that it's not open 24 hours! Steak N' Shake used to always be my go-to drunk food, but it's pretty great anytime food!

Steak N' Shake in West Des Moines opens its doors at 10am on Monday (January 11th). The first person in line will receive free Steak N' Shake for a year (one meal per week for 52 weeks). The first 50 customers will receive coupons for free food, too. If you've been to a Steak N' Shake in another city, know that this restaurant will not offer sit down wait staff service, so the menu will be a bit smaller than other restaurants you may have dined at. You will still get steakburgers, chili mac, shakes and fries, though!!! I swear by the fact that their chicken fingers n' fries with honey mustard sauce are the best chicken tenders out there!!!

Steak N' Shake is located at 815 S. 51st Street in West Des Moines and will be open from 10am until 10pm everyday. You will be able to order through the drive thru, walk up counter, carside hop or through delivery services like GrubHub.