Life Hack Wednesday: How To Start Each Day In 2021 More Productively

This week's Life Hack is more of a Wellness tip. Some TikTokers have been sharing their Productivity Hacks. You can look for yourself on TikTok with #Productivity. One of my favorite productivity hacks is from @DaniDonovan! She suggests that we make a list of ten things we LOVE to do. Pick one of those things and do them first thing in the morning for 10 minutes. Ten minutes is not an unreasonable time commitment and it puts you in the best headspace to dive into your day!

If you make a list of 10 different things you LIKE to do, then you have a variety to choose from every day, pick whatever you FEEL like doing. The attitude switch from choosing what you GET to do from what you HAVE to do every morning could be life changing!

Try it! If you're like me, I always put the crappy stuff ahead of the things that bring me pleasure. Do your day in reverse, start with pleasure and go from there!