Relationship Thursday: How To Sober Date

If your go-to strategy for a first date includes having a cocktail or two, you're not alone. 86% of first dates involve alcohol. But what happens when you're trying to go forth with Dry January? Dating experts have some advice.

The first tidbit of advice is to pick an activity that doesn't involve drinking. Basically, don't choose a dating activity that involves a bar or restaurant. You can check out an art exhibit together and get to know each other that way, or some other cultural activity. I mean, I would say, go ahead and do something like bowling, but if you're like me, i'm much better at that activity after a couple drinks!

Another bit of advice from dating experts is to explore dating apps that cater to sober people. There really are apps like this! One such app is actually called "Single and Sober."

Above all, let your potential dates know that you don't drink from the get-go and clear the air. It will up to them if they want to get to know you.

Even if you do drink, it might be worth trying sober dating, you'll get to know your potential mates true self not masked by alcohol. Good luck out there!

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