Your Dog Can Now Enjoy Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Treats

I mean, Valentine's Day is coming up... pandemic.... alone....scratch that..... your only date is your dog? Well, if you're going to down a pint of Ben & Jerry's, now your dog can indulge, too. Ben & Jerry's have just announced frozen Doggie Treats. For now, there are two flavors: Pontch's Mix & Rosie's Batch.

The treats have a special sunflower butter base specially made for your canine friend. Pontch's mix has peanut butter and pretzels while Rosie's Batch contains pumpkin and mini cookies. Ben & Jerry's is a dog friendly work space and the treats were inspired by a couple of the office doggies. You'll be able to find the treats in pet stores and other retail locations. Ben & Jerry have "unleashed" some pet accessoires, too. Woof. Woof .