New Trend Alert: Hot Tea Bombs

If you've mastered the uber trendy Hot Chocolate Bombs, it's time to move on to the next big thing. Tastemakers say Hot Tea Bombs are the new trend!!! Full disclosure, the only thing I wanted to accomplish over my holiday break was mastering Hot Chocolate Bombs. I found something resembling a silicone orb mold, but they weren't perfect. So, basically, i'm still at that level, the hot chocolate bomb-level.

For those moving on to Hot Tea Bombs, here's what you need! You need to get out the old Hot Chocolate silicone mold, you need isomalt (it's a type of sugar), and loose leaf or tea bags! From what I understand, you melt the isomalt crystals in a pan. Put a spoonful of the crystals in each mold. Add a drop of food coloring to make it colorful. It will bubble with the isomalt. Use your spoon and cover the mold with this mixture. It will solidify quickly, so you have to work fast. Let them sit and cool. Once the tea shells have cooled, carefully pop out half of the shells. Place your tea bag in the shell. You will have to fold it. You can also put in dried flowers or herbs. Heat a pan for a few minutes. Take the pan off the heat. Put the non-tea half of your bomb in the hot pan to slightly melt the edges. Adhere this half of the bomb to the half of the bomb with tea in it. It should perfectly stick together.

Now grab a mug of hot water. Add your tea bag. Let it steep. Enjoy!!!

I was able to purchase isomalt on Amazon. I will let you know how this project goes (after I master Hot Chocolate bombs).

For greater direction, there are plenty of DIY videos on You Tube.

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