Relationship Thursday: 2021 Dating Trends

The dating experts at Bumble have released their thoughts on dating trends in 2021. Many of these dating trends are a direct result of the wacky year we had in 2020.

More Virtual Dating - For one, we're not out of the woods yet with COVID, so virtual dating it is! In fact, the folks at Bumble are finding that people are quite enjoying meeting virtually BEFORE meeting in person, so this trend may stick around awhile longer.

Slow Dating - Last year, in lockdown, people that met on apps didn't have to hurry to meet in person because, well, it wasn't safe and there wasn't much to do in the outside world. Slow dating will continue in to 2021.

New Dawn Daters - Being stuck with someone during a lockdown led to the ending of a lot of relationships. People who can blame the Rona for the dissolution of their relationships are now back on the market after a long marriage or long-term relationship.

Hardballing - A lot of people have had a lot of time to figure themselves out, that's what alone time does. They now know what they're looking for and will start "dating like a CEO." They will ask the hard questions and not waste time with those that don't fit their criteria.

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