Looks Like the Des Moines Bobcat Is Back

Every six months or so it seems that the Neighborhood app and real neighborhood gossip is inundated with stories about a bobcat or, even scarier, Mountain Lion roaming the streets of Des Moines. Well, the stories are heating up again with some substantial evidence.

KCCI is reporting that what looked like a bobcat caught on a Ring camera in the backyard of a West Des Moines home was confirmed to be a bobcat. The homeowners, who live near the Raccoon River in West Des Moines, sent the video of the animal to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and they confirmed it to be a bobcat.

Even scarier is some audio I found on the Neighborhood app last night. A homeowner who says she lives near Ingersoll and 31st Street caught the SOUND of what she thinks could be a MOUNTAIN LION attacking her small dogs. It's frightening! I will preface this and let you know that the dogs are OK.

Ring Camera Video Of Large Animal in Des Moines

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