Relationship Thursday: Get Ready For Long-Term Relationships

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were living in quite the hook-up culture. This may be slowing down a bit. I mean, yeah, there are still going to be the commitment phobes looking for something quick and easy, but it may not be as readily available in post-pandemic life.

Dating experts are finding that the pandemic did crazy things to our minds that are spilling over into our dating habits. A lot of people started thinking of their own mortality for the first time during the pandemic and that has lead to a lot of thinking about creating our own legacies. So, yes, that means, sorry, more people may be looking for someone to HAVE BABIES WITH.

The pandemic, also, had us straight up scared. We found ourselves desiring people in our lives that will make us safe and protected, which is not what you get from your temporary hook-up.

Hmmm.... maybe wedding planning will see a boom.

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