Ways To Make Your Coffee Habit Healthier

If you can't get buy without your coffee, there are ways to make it a bit more healthier. Health experts say you can make your coffee with less calories, sugar and fat grams by measuring that creamer of half and half. Oh, yeah, and make sure you measure the sugar out, too.

Make substitutions to make your coffee a bit healthier. Use natural sweeteners instead of the artificial flavorings. Use real vanilla extract instead of artificial vanilla flavor syrups. Use honey.

Flavor the coffee grounds instead of with sugary syrups. Add cinnamon or nutmeg to the coffee grounds before you brew instead of adding the syrups after you brew.

Don't be afraid to ask you barista for a few less pumps of caloric-full syrups.

Use Dairy-free creamers and low-calorie sugar substitutes to save on calories, too.

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