Wine Life Hacks For Your Wine Wednesday

Today is Life hack Wednesday, which is, also, the same day as Wine Wednesday. If we combine the two, we get some pretty smart ideas!

First up, keeping your wine cool. Watered down wine is, well, not good and pointless. Don't dilute wine!! No way! To keep your white wine cool (please don't put ice in red wine), use frozen grapes!!! Your wine will stay cool, but it won't get diluted.

Now, how about this one? Sometimes, as hard as you might try, you can't drink that entire bottle of wine. However, when you go for your next wine night, wouldn't you rather open a NEW bottle of wine than the little bit left in the last wine night's bottle? For that, my friend, make wine ice cubes!!

Wine ice cubes serve another great purpose - cooking! If you've ever skipped the wine in a recipe because you didn't want to open an entire bottle to use a 1/3 of a cup for a recipe, use your new wine ice cubes!!!! Perfection! It, also, makes you feel more like you're not wasting perfectly good drinking wine on cooking! Or, really, you can do what I do, use the wine in the recipe and keep drinking as you cook! :-) Salut!

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