Taylor Swift Used Original Backup Singer To Remake "Love Story"

Taylor Swift didn't disappoint when she made good on her promise to re-make her early albums. She dropped the first of the remakes at midnight. She re-did the classic "Love Story" and promises that when the full remake of her "Fearless" album is complete, it will include songs from the T. Swizzle Vault. She will add in remakes of tracks that ALMOST made the original album. How kind!

The updated version of "Love Story" is terrific. Honestly, I was a bit worried that maybe her voice would have changed a lot. It's gotten better.

Another act of kindness with the remake of "Fearless" is the fact that she included her original background singer, Caitlin Evanson.

Here is the updated version of "Love Story."

It appears "(Taylor's Version) of Fearless" will be out on April Ninth. Taylor always leaves Easter eggs about her albums and she capitalized only APRIL NINTH in this Instagram post about the remake album.

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