A Social Media Influencer Made $16,000 Sleep Streaming

What is sleep streaming? It is when an influencer sets up a livestream so people can watch him or her sleep. This can be done via Twitch or You Tube. "Asian Andy" is 26 and from Los Angeles. He set up a stream on his twitch account. If you're not familiar, on Twitch, viewers can comment along with the livestream. Before Asian Andy went to "sleep," he set his comments to text-to-speech which allowed the comments to be transcribed out loud so that he could hear them. Viewers watching the Livestream commanded Alexa to play loud music and imitate a barking dog. Several said that someone was at the window. As all of this is being done, viewers can, also, tip. Asian Andy made $16,000 for the sleep stream! Like, what are we doing with our lives?!