Woman Is Selling Framed Daily Cleaning Lists

The internet is going a little wild today over a UK woman's cleaning list. She has downloadable or framed cleaning lists to help you keep your home in order. Like who has time for all this?! Ain't nobody got time for all this!!! Or do we? It seems people are split on whether this is stuff we do anyway or if it's impossible if you have a full-time job and family. In theory, I think it's a great idea. Reality? Not so sure I could follow this. . . there is too much to watch on Netflix?

The list tackles house cleaning room by room and day by day. For instance, the room of focus on for Mondays is the bedroom. She lists all the chores to keep the bedroom tidy for Monday. She does this for each day of the week except for Sunday. Sundays are free days. At the bottom of her cleaning schedule is a reminder to keep up with dishes, clutter and making the bed. Check out her list on Etsy.

Could you keep up with this list?