Girls Scouts In Emergency Shelter In Iowa Selling Cookies

Four girls make up Girl Scout Troop 64224. The Troop is for residents living in Micah House in Council Bluffs, Iowa, an emergency shelter for families experiencing homelessness. The goal of Troop 64224 this year is to sell 2,000 boxes of Girls Scout Cookies and sell to people in all 50 states. The girls have already doubled their goal with six weeks left of Girl Scout Cookie Season! They have 14 more states to sell to if they want to conquer their entire country goal. I'm sure they've already sold to people in Iowa, but you can pass their info along to people you may know in other states to help them with their goal!

To order cookies from this Troop of girls, head to Proceeds from cookie sales assist with funding of Girls Scout troop activities. The troop is a standing troop for any girls of age that move into the shelter. I'm sure being able to be a part of this troop is a bright spot in a life lived during one of life's rough patches.