Monday Motivation Minute: The Best Ways To Start Each Day

I wish I could be that person who rises with a smile and huge burst of energy full of excitement for the upcoming day. I've snoozed my alarm for a straight two hours before. Just not a morning person. Whether you are or aren't, the Huffington Post recently published an article with expert tips on the "right" way to get your day started.

For one, these experts say - take 10 deep breaths to help decrease stress.

Drink water. Water helps move oxygen through the body and oxygen getting to your organs and muscles will give you more energy! Start your day with water!

Get moving. I think we all know the profound effect exercise has on starting our day with energy and accomplishment.

Eat. Eat something with a lot of protein that will give you the energy you need to get your day started, try to avoid sugar because that will lead to a sugar crash.

Eat again. If you get up early and eat, you may need to eat again in a few hours. Do it.

Ignore Your Phone. Do you really want to start your day doomscrolling? Formulate your own thoughts for a bit before you start letting the world form them for you. And do you really want to wake up to an email from your boss? Wait until you clock in to work.

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