Life Hack Wednesday: Hacks To Do Better On Tests And Presentations

For today's Life Hack Wednesday, we're taking it to school, especially now that traditional learning is making a comeback. Let me ask you this, have you heard the theory that chewing gum before a test helps you do better? A study found that people that chewed gum before tests did better 5/6 times than people who didn't chew gum. Something about jump starting your brain, like a brain warm up. Experts say if you chew gum before and during a test, you'll start off in a good place, but performance levels off after awhile. Worth a try, huh?

How about this one... Rosemary. There's something about the smell of Rosemary that helps with memory. If you're at home memorizing facts for a test or presentation, smell some rosemary oil or make a spray bottle of water with rosemary oil and spritz it around your room to jog the memory portion of your brain.

If you're super nervous before an important presentation, interview or test, write down your worries. If you can get the worries out of your head and placed somewhere else, it leaves more space in your brain for actual performance!

If your teacher or boss is spitting facts that you need later for a test, but it's oh so hard to pay attention because, well, the content is boring, you should doodle or take notes. If you're doing something like doodling, you're more likely to retain information rather than if your mind just drifts off into a daydream. Make that doodling in class work for you!

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