Helping Des Moines Area Families With Lasagna Love

On International Women's Day, we have to salute the rock stars, the do-gooders, the ones that rock a job, raise a family and help their community all while making it look easy. Gina Cramer is all of the above. She and her business partner, Ryan Kolder, have helped thousands of area brides-to-be and their partners plan dream weddings. They are the producers of the Des Moines Wedding Show. In fact, a very successful show happened yesterday at the Scottish Rite Consistory.

In addition to the event production business, Gina is the local contact for a new non profit called Lasanga Love. As Gina explains, Lasagna Love was created a year ago in California as a way to help struggling families. As we are all aware, COVID-19 took a toll on families in a variety of ways. In some ways, it added stress with virtual school and work. It took away jobs and caused financial stress. Lasagna Love is a simple way to help families out. Volunteers cook a lasagna for a family who is in need of a nourishing meal. If you go to the website to sign up as a volunteer, Gina will place you with a family. If you need a meal, Gina will place you with a volunteer. It's a great way to give back.... or a great way to give yourself a break. Remember, we can't give our best when we don't take care of ourselves.

If you want to become a "Lasagna Mama," go to

Lasagna Love Interview

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