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Taylor J's Weekend In Five Pics


It's Taylor J. here. I hope you had a great weekend. My weekend was ok. I'm still in pandemic mode because Dr. Fauci hasn't given us the all clear yet. I was happy to tackle my weekend to-do list as soon as I left the radio station on Friday afternoon. I was planning on doing my grocery shopping first thing Saturday, but wanted to get a jump on it and went on Friday night. Shout out to the nice older man at the Fleur Hy-Vee who gave me a chocolate candy! He was so nice. See, simple acts of kindness go a long way, i'm still happy about it three days later!!! I usually don't take candy from strangers, but he seemed pretty harmless. Anyway, one of my items that I bought was Leeks! Why? My dad gave me a Jacques Pepin cookbook for Christmas and suggested I make the potato leek soup because it's really good. Awhile back, I bought leeks, but didn't make the soup. I'm going to try it again! Did I make it this weekend? Well, um, uh, no! :-)

Easter Lake Park

Usually when I go for a walk, I go to Gray's Lake. On Saturday, I decided I would branch out, so I googled Des Moines Parks. I decided to try out Easter Lake Park. I've heard of it, I just haven't been. It's not too far from me, about 15 minutes. I knew there were multiple trails and that the entire way around would be 5 miles. I just started walking. The path is newer, the people I passed all smiled and I had some good tunes that I was playing. Pretty much perfect. I'm a fan. I ended up walking, not sure where the path would take me. After about 45 minutes I found the covered bridge.

I might have to say one of my very favorite things about Iowa are the covered bridges. This one was no exception. So, here's where the walk took on a little drama. At this point, when I discovered the covered bridge, I had no idea how far away from my car I was. Uh oh. Well, let me keep walking. I saw families and playgrounds and a butter fly sculpture and a sign about bats (yuck!!!). Where was I???

I kept walking and eventually saw my car, but it was FAR AWAY! I still had a long way to go to get to the end of my side of the lake to cross over to get to the side where my car was!!!! Looks like i'm doing the full five miles! On my way to the other side of Easter Lake, I stopped for a no make up selfie! :-) Like, if you take a walk and don't take a selfie, did the walk even happen??? :-)

Eventually, found my way to my car and was super proud that I walked the full five miles. I was tired, but I needed the exercise. I'm definitely adding Easter Lake Park to my walking routine! I'm a fan!

In addition to Sunday being the Grammy's, it was also March 14th. In St. Louis, it's known as 314 day (3/14). 314 is the area code in St. Louis. I lived there for 15 years and consider it my adopted hometown. I had to celebrate. I moved to St. Louis to work at iHeartMedia's Z107-7, it's 107.5 KISS FM's sister radio station. Before it was Z107.7, it was known as Majic 108. I had to pay homage with this look. I didn't show my face because it was day number 2 of no make up. Make up free weekends are good for the complexion, I hope. But by Monday, i'm ready to paint my face again!

What did you do this weekend? Tell me at @dsmtaylorj on Instagram and Twitter. Follow me on Tik Tok at @taylorjradio

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