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The First Weekend Of Spring in Des Moines

It's Spring!!!!! I hope you were able to get out and enjoy Spring this weekend. From where I was looking, there were a ton of people out and about enjoying the first weekend of Spring! Gray's Lake was looking particularly lovely this weekend!

Gray's Lake on The First Day Of Spring 2021

It was so awesome seeing families and little kids running with big smiles on their faces!! So much more of this ahead, I hope! After I hit Gray's Lake on Saturday afternoon, I did a little grocery shopping at the 3rd and Court Hy-Vee. Wow, Drake sure brought the crowds! There were people all over Court Avenue enjoying the tournament games. Or maybe not enjoying if their teams didn't win. Ok, yes, enjoying. Even if your team didn't do well, you were out in the Spring weather enjoying adult beverages!

Women Of Achievement Bridge

There she is... looking all pretty! On Sunday, it was really windy. I decided to go on a different walk and walked down the Des Moines River downtown. The Women Of Achievement Bridge was looking great. I was going to go South toward Principal Park, but made a last minute change and went North toward University.

Des Moines River

This is North of the Botanical Garden on the trail that leads North along the Des Moines River. Again, it was so great seeing lots of bikers and runners, couples in love, kids swinging on swings and boaters trying to catch fish. If you're feeling down, force yourself to go outside and get some fresh air, it really will do you a world of good. I'm not preaching, i'm telling you what my experiences have been. I've been hibernating for months in my apartment with my cat and a mind that doesn't always stay positive. I have a ton of projects at home I feel like I should be tending to, but the importance of getting out and getting fresh air has become a priority for my mental health.

Iowa State Capitol Building

There aren't a lot of cities that have a downtown view of such a magnificent State Capitol building, but we do in Des Moines. It looked particulary beautiful at the Women of Achievement Bridge on Sunday.

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