Tips To Alleviate Stress

Today's Monday Motivation Minute is all about stress alleviation. First things first, do this exercise. Tense up your muscles. And then let go after a few seconds. Do you feel how your body SHOULD feel in its relaxed state. If you're not feeling it, you need to work on de-stressing. Try that exercise several times throught the day.

Drink water. I, for one, am a stress eater. A lot of times, especially in the afternoon, we're not really hungry, we're just dehyrdated. Stay hydrated. It's good for so many things.

Find time to go outside and move. Take a walk. It's a bit easier now that it stays lighter later. A little outdoors time will go a long way with your mental health.

Reach out and get some social time in your life. It's amazing what a quick chat with a good friend can do for your mental health!!

Make the above priorities.

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