Ames Brunch Spot Goes Viral Over Post About Their Two Pound Cinnamon Rolls

How come no one has ever told me about Cornbred in Ames? It sounds absolutely amazing! Well, I know about them now because the restaurant has gone viral! Every Sunday, starting at 10am, they host a Sunday Funday Brunch! At this brunch, you can purchase a Gigantaroll for $10. What is a Gigantaroll? It's a two pound cinnamon roll!!!! They have a very limited amount available because they have to roll out six feet of dough to make this creation! It's covered in Buttercream and cream cheese frosting. Is your mouth watering because mine is right now.

A couple weeks ago, they posted a picture of one of their servers holding two of them and that post has now been seen by over a million people!!!

As a result of this popularity, there are some guidelines about securing the (Cinna)bag.... You can't pre-order, only one per table, only available during brunch on Sundays and once they're gone, they're gone.

Who wants to go to brunch??

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