Up/Down Has Been Converted To Mooby's Pop Up For The Week

Last night, it was my turn to check out the Mooby's pop up at Up/Down in East Village. If you're not familiar, Mooby's is a fictional restaurant that Kevin Smith uses in some of his movies. It's a hangout for Jay & Silent Bob, frequent characters in his movies. He is actually Silent Bob. He decided to take the show on the road and create this pop-up that's been traveling to different cities. It's landed on the first floor of Up/Down. It's sold-out, but it's not and it's here until April 7th. They seem to have added tickets, so you can try to get in on this at Moobyspopup.com.

For $29, you get your choice of a Cow Tipper burger, a chicken sandwich or a vegan burger with a side like Hater Totz or Onion Rings. You're there for the experience. You can, also, purchase custom beer, soda or cocktails. They have a merch table, too.

I purchased a Cow Tipper with Onion rings, but I knew I wanted some souvenir beer, too. I ended up ordering a can of Jay & Silent Bob Cherry Rhubarb Cider. As i'm ordering, this guy behind me goes, "I'm buying her Cider!" I said, "No, you don't have to do that!" It turned out that it was his cider house that created the cider project!!!! The Jay & Silent Bob Cherry Kush is actually from Fishback & Stephenson in Fairfield, Iowa!!!! How cool??? So, obvi, I had to get a picture with him! (And somehow, I ended up talking him into buying another cider for me. I wanted to drink one and then keep one)