Motivation Monday Minute: Daily Things To De-Clutter

Panic set in as my friend text last week and said he wanted to visit this weekend. I'm the Clutter Queen and I would have to do some serious de-cluttering and deep cleaning to welcome guests into my home. It's been tough on a lot of us throught he pandemic with living and working in the same space. The messes pile up.... quickly. I spent all day Saturday grounded to my apartment de-cluttering and cleaning. Then, at 4pm, I received a text from him saying he wasn't coming. I did feel some sweet relief run through me, but I didn't let it stop me from conquering the cleaning! And today, I read some tips that organization experts say we should be doing every day to eliminate clutter from our lives.

For starters, we should make our bed every day. It takes 30 seconds and it offers a calm to the room. Easy. We can all do this.

The shower. I keep a spray bottle of shower spray in my shower. As soon as i'm done cleaning myself, I spray the shower. Even in the rest of my bathroom is a disaster (which it often is with make up and hair things everywhere), the shower always shines. If you're like my mom, you'll take it one step further and keep a squigy in the shower to avoid streaks.

The mail. Don't let it pile up. Immediately throw out the junk you don't want and won't use. Then, take the stuff you will get to later and put it in a pile with a cheery paperweight over it.

The Fridge. I spent a very long time throwing out stuff in my fridge this weekend and cleaning the shelves. I'm gross. Organizers do this every day (makes sense, actually). They say keep an inventory list on the fridge. If you notice the pickles are expired, throw them out and write "pickles" on the list on the fridge.

Good luck!

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