Obsession Friday: Hot Tools One Step Volumizer

OMG! I have (or maybe HAD) the worst hair. I have a cowlick, scalp psoriasis and dry, frizzy hair. My friends are always like, "Girl, you need a hot oil treatment!" I just suck at doing my hair. I always have. I can never replicate what goes down in the salon. So, every 8 weeks, I have good hair for a day and a half... until now!!!

It start two weeks ago, I was visiting my fully vaccinated mom for Easter. I was headed out to visit my dad and happened to be sitting near a frizz illuminating lamp when my mom said, "Aren't you going to do your hair before you go see your dad?" I just stared at her and said, "I already did it, but I guess I will go do it again." She was like, "Well, you can use my straightener." Yes, mother. So, I used her straightener and it actually was amazing. I didn't realize my mother had a much better flat iron than I do.

Fast forward a week, i'm getting my groceries at Whole Foods in West Des Moines. I see Ulta. I decide to go look for that awesome flat iron that I used at my mom's house. The woman working the hair tools department informed me that Hot Tools was having a 40% off sale and she showed me a volumizing blow out brush/hair dryer. I've heard of them, but had no idea what they did. She said I could take it back within 60 days. I said, "What the heck, i'll take that and the flat iron." I didn't have high hopes for the dryer brush because I had used one before at my mom's house and it did nothing for me.

So, Monday morning, I tried the brush. Hooooollyyyy crap!!!! In 10 minutes, my hair looks like it does when Erikka at J. Michaels Salon on Ingersoll does it! Absolutely amazing.

I text my friends who tell me to get a hot oil treatment and they couldn't believe it either. And it's great for second day hair, too!!!!

Check it out!

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