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Taylor J's Weekend In 5 Pictures

I hope you had an awesome weekend. I'm really happy the weather was so great on Saturday (unlike today). I was covering for co-workers and did an event at Mowbility Sales & Service in almost Ankeny on Saturday morning. I sat in a tractor!!!!!!! I was so happy to see my friend Melissa! She's super fun!

Melissa & Taylor J. on Tractors at Mowbility Sales & Service

I'm not gonna lie, I was kind of not feeling it last week. I was way more sad than I wanted to be. I thought that some retail therapy may help on Saturday afternoon. I headed to the Outlets of Des Moines. I had not been there since before the pandemic!!!! I remember seeing signs they had posted last January and February about extra cleaning and remember wondering why they were being so cautious. Little did I realize....

Do you see what's coming??????

Coach Is Coming to Outlets Of Des Moines

I don't spend a ton of time in Altoona, so I thought I would go to one of the only Targets i've never been to - the one in Altoona. I decided that I would FINALLY organize my bathroom and went to get organization bins. Ask me if I ended up organizing? Ha! While I was at Target, I saw a bunch of Southeast Polk High School students dressed for prom! I literally started crying. And then yelled after them, "Prom People, can I take your picture!" Ha ha! How great do they look?! I'm sooooo happy they get to have prom this year!

Southeast Polk High School Prom

While I was at the event at Mowbility, I met Scott Amos. He's from Texas originally and he lives in Pella. He's got this delicious BBQ sauce he sells called Amos' Flava! It's sooooooo goooooood! I couldn't leave without taking home a bottle of his spicy brand! He will be at the Hy-Vee in Waukee next week selling it! Sooooo gooood! He made me the best pulled pork sandwich! Amazing. Look for Amos' Flava BBQ Sauce.

Amos Flava BBQ

And usually, I don't wear makeup on the weekends. I subscribe to almost every possible make up subscription service. It's getting ridiculous (hence, the reason I needed storage bins at Target). I take the weekends off on make up, but decided to put some on Sunday before I sent to the grocery store. During the week, I wear make up from each of these boxes (Ipsy, Ipsy Glam, Ipsy Glam Bag X, Birchbox, Allure, Single Girl Swag, and Fab Fit Fun) that I like. They send five samples, so I don't usually like all of it. On the weekends, I challenge myself to wear the stuff that doesn't make the weekday cut. I kind of liked how this neutral brown eye shadow palette turned out, so I took a picture! :-)

Taylor J. Sunday Makeup

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