Taylor J's Weekend In Pictures

I've had a secret for months and I could hardly sleep Friday night knowing it was going to be revealed this weekend! All my mom has wanted forever is a dog! My sister lives in an area where someone she knows breeds Mini Golden Doodles. My Step-Father has made arrangements for my mom to get a dog from this breeder. She had no idea. We've been keeping this secret from her for months. On Saturday, she took a trip to Central Illinois to see my sister and found out her dog was born!!! She got to pick her out! The puppy comes home with her in 4 weeks!!! I cannot wait to welcome my new doggie sister into our family!!!

Taylor J's Mom and Her New Doodle

Now, in a park you might see some kites flying in the Spring breeze, but over Zombie Burger? Not so much. Saturday, I saw a beautiful kite flying high in the East Village sky over Zombie Burger!

I watched a really great series on HBOMax, but it made me cry hysterically. It's called "It's a Sin" and it's all about the AIDS crisis in the 80s. So, so good, but so, so sad. This is what I looked like after I got done watching it.


I think my favorite part of my weekend was getting some fresh air and exploring a new trail! I went to Ankeny and walked along the paved trail at the Careny Marsh. It was pretty, not too populated and an easy walk. I saw some wildlife, wildflowers, and the sun was shining down!. I started walking for, obviously, physical exercise, but, also, for my mental health. I love to be lost in thought in nature. As I was basking in the sun, I realized that, no matter where you end up, you'll always have the sun. I could move to Tulsa or Hollywood or Paris and the same sun shining down on me in Ankeny, Iowa would shine down on me there and would still be able to share those special moments with myself. No matter what you're going through, the sun will still shine on you. Believe that.

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