Some Of The Tiger King Cast Will Be In Iowa This Summer

I mean, if you think about it, we could thank the cast of the Tiger King for easing us into life in a pandemic. Remember over a year ago when the Tiger King was the big topic of conversation on all of our zoom happy hours? Joe Exotic is behind bars, Jeff Lowe thinks he was poisoned. The rest of the crew are trying to make a living... and some of them are coming to Iowa this Summer.

Uncaged: The Untold Stories of the Tiger King is coming to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Sioux City on June 25th. (Who knew Sioux City had a Hard Rock Hotel and Casino?!) Appearing is John Reinke, who basically ran the zoo for Joe Exotic, Saff, who lost a hand at Joe Exotic's Zoo, Josh Dial, Joe Exotic's campaign manager, and Barbara Fisher, the women from Ames who once worked with Doc Antle.

There are two shows, at 7pm and 9pm. Get your tickets at