Anheuseur-Busch Giving Everyone Free Drinks If We Reach Vaccination Goal

Anheuseur-Busch says if we reach President Biden's goal, we're getting a free round on them! AB says that if 70% of Americans have gotten at least one vaccine by July 4th, they will give us all a free drink. We can get a beer, a Seltzer, or even a non-alcoholic AB product. Where are we now? 51% of Americans have received, at least, one dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Anheuseur-Busch says if we're 21 and older and vaccinated, we're encouraged to post a picture of us in a bar or restaurant to enter to win the free drink on AB.

This is We Can Do This Day... maybe this is just the incentive some people need!

I've been fully vaccinated for a month now and I haven't grown an extra ear and outside of some awkward social anxiety, i'm ok. :-)

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