Edible Cookie Dough Shop Opening In Downtown Des Moines This Month

If you've ever been to an event in Des Moines with the Dough Crazy Food Truck, there is some good news for you! Dough Crazy is opening a storefront this month in Downtown Des Moines. Dough Crazy will be located in the Nationwide building at 1220 Locust. It's expected to be open by the end of June, just in time for the Des Moines Arts Festival.

Raw cookie dough is not safe to eat, but edible cookie dough is safe to eat. Raw eggs are not used in the making of edible cookie dough and the flour is heat treated.

If you are out and about and hope to run into the Dough Crazy Food Truck, no worries, they plan to keep that going and will be out at area farmer's markets and festivals.

Check out their website, doughcrazydsm.com, to see all of the products you'll be able to purchase at the new storefront.

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