Des Moines Couple Loses Out on Their $100,000 Winning Lottery Ticket

This hurts. Bradly Hanawalt and his wife were cleaning out her car when they found a stack of Powerball tickets she had bought at Quik Trip. One of them was a winner! In their possession was a $100,000 winning Powerball ticket!!! Unfortunately, they found it too late. There are very strict laws and deadlines when it comes to the lottery. A deadline is a deadline, no matter the circumstances, and this meant no money for the Hanawalt Family.

His wife purchased the ticket on November 26, 2019. The ticket expired on November 30, 2020. He found the ticket in February. When the deadline hit, his wife was dealing with COVID-19. The lottery office never shutdown during the pandemic, so that wasn't a factor for the Iowa Lottery. The Iowa Lottery feels empathetic, but the rules are clear and they did send out a news release before the deadline hit asking people to check their old tickets.

Bradly Hanawalt came back from a tour of Afghanistan in a wheelchair. He told KCCI that he's blessed that he has six healthy kids and is walking again. His wife continues to play the lottery.

Ohhhhh the pain!!!!

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