Motivation Monday Minute: Ways To Start Your Day More Positively

It's no secret that the way we start the day can sometimes set the tone for the day. No one ever wants to wake up "on the wrong side of the bed." Psychologists have some tips to help ensure that the tone of the day starts out on the right foot.

The first thing experts say you should do is DRINK WATER. Water helps your body feel good and it will benefit you all day.

NEVER CHECK YOUR EMAIL FIRST THING. If you get a negative email, it can start your day in a very stressful way.

START YOUR DAY DOING SOMETHING YOU ENJOY. Carve out time in the morning to do stuff you enjoy rather than ONLY the stressful rushing to get ready for your work day. This could entail waking up a bit earlier, but it could have a big payoff.

REALIZE THAT YOU BRING HAPPINESS TO WORK, YOU DON'T FIND HAPPINESS AT WORK. You have to know that you can't depend on work to influence a positive mood. You have to bring the positive mood to the work.

PUT THE THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG IN THE MORNING IN PERSPECTIVE. You can't control traffic delays. Sometimes you're going to be late. Don't drive yourself into hysteria with anger and anxiety. Instead, experts say you should pack those feelings into an imaginary backpack. Or you can scribble down your frustrations on a piece of paper, then tear it up. Away goes your frustrations! And keep breathing!

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