Petition To Change Hot Dog Bun Packaging Created By Heinz

One of the great mysteries of our lifetime is WHY ARE HOT DOGS SOLD IN PACKS OF 10, BUT HOT DOG BUNS ARE SOLD IN PACKAGES OF 8???? The Heinz company wants to put an end to that. They've started a petition to get hot dog bun bakers to start selling hot dog buns in packages of 10 to match the hot dogs. For the most part, we probably only concern ourselves with this grave injustice over the fourth of July and during other BBQ heavy Summer events.

There is a reason that hot dogs are sold in packages of 8. The pans used to bake the buns were created to fit 4 or 8 buns. After many years, maybe it's time to re-think that design?

If you're not one for math, if you want to equalize the 10 hot dogs/8 buns situation, you would need to buy 5 packages of hot dog buns and 4 packages of hot dogs. 40 buns. 40 hot dogs. No leftovers.

Heinz does make mustard, but they are more known for ketchup, which doesn't belong on a hot dog, if you're from Chicago. Have you ever had BBQ sauce on your hot dog? Might change your life...

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