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Taylor J's Vacation in 5 Pictures

North Beach, Leland, MichiganPhoto: Taylor J.

This is my version of Heaven on Earth. It's Lake Michigan, North Beach, in Leland, Michigan. It's my sanctuary. Yes, this is what it looks like up in Northern Michigan. It's not too humid, the water is turquoise and the sand is sugar fine. It's amazing.

North Beach Sunset in Leland, MichiganPhoto: Taylor J.

And this my beach just after sunset. Leland is in Leelanau County, Michigan, a penninsula. The sun sets behind North Manitou Island.

Taylor J. and her MomPhoto: Taylor J.

The primary reason for my visit to Michigan was to see my mom. She doesn't live there, but we were visiting my grandma's home. We took a journey down the iconic M-22 highway to Glen Arbor to do some shopping and visit the past. My grandma started taking me up to Glen Arbor when I was six months old! We had to visit the old places we used to frequent.

Jenny, Taylor J.'s sister Photo: Taylor J.

This is Jenny. She is my mom's four month old Mini Golden Doodle Puppy!!! She's the cutest pup ever... even when she's teething!!! She's just a tiny bundle of love!

Taylor J. and her friends Photo: Taylor J.

It was such a treat to spend time with friends from St. Louis who were, also, vacationing in Northern Michigan. One of my good friends, Dede and her husband Keith, vacation just 10 minutes from where I do! We were able to reconnect and have some fun on their boat!!! Not to mention, it was great spending time with their two small children, too! So. Much. Fun.

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