How To Find The Job That Makes You Happy

The Sunday Scaries are not something you deserve to have every week. If your anxiety runs hot at the end of every weekend fearing the impending work week, it's time for a change. A record number of people are making career changes post-pandemic. Professional job coaches have some tips for you.

First of all, write down your job expectations. What do you want from a perspective employer and new company? What will make you happy? Write that down and stick to it, don't waver.

Network. For every application/resume you fill out and send, make sure you're connecting with five people who can help you.

Social media. You know darn well that anyone who will potentially hire you will be looking at your social media, you should be looking at a potential new employer's social media. Are employees writing favorable things about the employer or are there negative employee comments? Do some homework.

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