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Relationship Thursday: The 3-4 Rule

There is a dating coach in New York City named Amy Nobile. She must be pretty good because she charges $10,000 for 4 months of services.

She's sharing one big piece of advice for FREE. It's a good one. If you're frantically searching for "the one," she says you have to use the 3-4 rule. The 3-4 rule will save you months, maybe years of time.

What is it?

Amy says by the third date, you should know 4 key things that will tell you whether this person is someone you should pursue or not.

What are they?

Chemistry: There has to be some level of attraction, physical, intellectual, etc...

Core Values: You have to know if your core values match. Your core values are up to you, what's most important to you in a longterm partner? Does this person want to have children? Religious beliefs?

Emotional Maturity: Is this person capable of expressing love?

Relationship Readiness: Are they ready to settle down? If they're not looking for a spouse and you are, well, this person isn't the one for you.

Sounds like some pretty valuable advice.

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