Obsession Friday: Infinity Scarf Flask

I was on a Midwestern vacation recently. I was in Chicago at a concert and a girl two rows in front of me knew the people directly in front of me. I noticed a rubber tube coming from under her shirt that she was sharing with the people in front of me. Obviously, she had some sort of bra flask under her shirt.

I do not condone illegally smuggling booze (or anything) into concerts or sporting events. But, if you want to tailgate and discreetly bring out your booze, who am I to stop you?

After I saw this contraption in Chicago, I looked into this. And yes, i've had friends who have had similar things for Mardi Gras celebrations in St. Louis. You can make a flask out of a hairbrush, tampon, lipstick, wallet, so many things.

My favorite? The $27 Infinity Scarf flask on Amazon!!!! Yes, when you're tailgating this Fall, you can have on a cute infinity scarf that doubles as a secret flask!!!! You can discreetly hide the tube anywhere.

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