Crowd In Ames Wasn't So Iowa Nice To Ashton Kutcher

Clearly, the decision to have Ashton Kutcher as the guest picker for ESPN's Game Day on Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium for the Cy-Hawks game was not going to make Cyclones fans happy. Ashton grew up in Cedar Rapids, attended the University of Iowa and is a longtime Iowa Hawkeyes fan.

Ashton rode in on a combine and made is unsurprising pick: Iowa Hawkeyes for the win! (And, as you know, his prediction was accurate).

While he was sitting at the ESPN panel, the crowd at Jack Trice started chanting "Take a shower!" This was a reference to something he said in July. He and his wife, Mila Kunis, revealed they don't bathe their children a lot (only when they visibly see dirt on them) and he doesn't bathe much himself, just a quick water on the face and a scrubbing of the armpits and groin.

Here is a clip from ESPN on Saturday. This is NOT Iowa nice!!! :-)

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