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Formula To Determine How Much Candy You Should Buy For Halloween

Halloween candy is the best... but is it the best for YOU? Not really. If you want to avoid buying too much, the Mars Wrigley Company and Shipt have come up with a formula that will help you determine exactly how much candy you should buy to satisfy your Halloween needs.

Here it is:

(TxKxG) + (DxFxS) /30 = # of bags

What is this?

T = Time - how much time will you be handing out candy (in hours)

K = Kids - how many kids do you expect to give candy to per hour

G = Generousity - how generous do you plan on being (one piece per kids or two or more)

D = Days - how many days between when you buy the candy and bring it home and Halloween

F= Family - how many family members will be eating the candy

S = Sneak Factor - how many pieces per day per family member will your family be sneaking

Divide by 30 pieces of candy per bag and voila - that's the amount of candy you should purchase

Makes sense to me!!!

You'll need to ace Calculus to determine how the amount of candy your kids bring in from Beggar's night factors into this equation.....

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