MGK Brawling Online With Des Moines Native Corey Taylor

MGK fresh off a red carpet brawl with Conor McGregor at the VMAs is now brawling with Des Moines' Corey Taylor of Slipknot. From my understanding, MGK and Travis Barker are collaborating. They asked Corey Taylor to lay down a verse for a song that was to be on MGK's album. Corey laid it down. MGK via Travis said he liked it, but wanted it tweaked up a bit. Corey didn't like the changes and politely declined the offer to appear on MGK's album. It was a collaboration that just didn't work out through artistic differences.

Well now, the artistic differences have escalated to name calling on social media. However, Corey Taylor has receipts in the form of emails from Travis Barker.

This is what MGK posted on Twitter this week...

Here are the receipts that Corey Taylor posted on his social media platforms, the email exchange between he and Travis Barker. Everyone seems to be adult and professional.

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