Monday Motivation Minute: Habits To Make Us Less Stressed In The Morning

If you find yourself waking up most days full of anxiety and stress, there are some ways you can get a grip on it. Obviously, if you have a big meeting, job interview, etc.... you will wake up super stressed no matter what. But, if you're stressed everyday over life, there are some subtle changes you can make to feel better everyday and start your day.

Experts say these changes all start with your bedtime behavior. We all know that we should put our phones down 30 minutes prior to bed time. It's, also, helpful to go to bed at the same time every night. Our bodies need a rest from all the stress we put it through everyday. If you're not getting good rest, your body will wake up stressed.

Another thing you can do to release stress is journal your stresses at night. Get the negative energy out of you and on to the page, it will help you sleep better and awaken less stressed.

Weighted blankets are wonderful!!! Try it out! You'll get the cozy night's sleep you so deserve!

Plus, the stress hormone cortisol is higher in the mornings. Anything we can do to lower is, will help you. Morning meditation, a little exercise, if you have time?

Live your best life!

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