Iowa Drivers Are The Worst In The Nation

This is not just my personal statement, but a new LendingTree study finds that Iowa drivers are the very worst in the entire country! I feel vindicated! Everytime I get in my car, even if i'm just driving 10 minutes away, I get so angry. In Iowa, it seems the speed limit is ignored. I'm not sure why people consistently drive so far under the speed limit ON 235!!!

Rant over. The study finds that Iowa drivers rank high in number of accidents (12th highest), number of speeding tickets (fifth highest - very surprising to me) and number of DUIs (6th in nation). The data was received through insurance quotes that were provided to drivers.

One thing I will say is that the Iowa State Highway Patrol works really hard and that's probably why the poor ranking for Iowa drivers in this study. In other states, bad drivers may not be caught, but they are in Iowa.

In one year, Iowa went from 23rd best drivers to worst.

North Dakota, Virginia, Alaska and California also have bad drivers.

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