Monday Motivation Minute: Emotional 5 A Day

You may be drinking the right amount of water, eating the right amount of veggies, getting the right amount of sleep and exercising the correct amount, but are you getting your Emotional 5-A-Day? This is a real thing and quite important. I know, I know, there's so much to do to "live right."

Your Emotional 5-A-Day includes Connection, Accomplishment, Reflection, Purpose and Gratitude.

Connection: It's important to connect everyday. This could be a quick phone call with a friend, a good morning text with your bestie or an IM sesh with a friend.

Accomplishment: You should do something that you do well every day to give you a good feeling of accomplishment. This could be crossing something off your to-do list or organizing your cabinets.

Gratitude: Ever heard of a gratitude journal, writing down what you're grateful for? It really helps change your perspective and mindset. If you don't want to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, you certainly can send a text or note to someone for something you're grateful for.

Reflection: If something is making you feel bad, take time every day to reflect on why. You may need to change your attitude or persepective. You may be worried that someone isn't texting you back because they're upset with you. If you reflect on it, you may realize that the true reason is that they just may be busy. Don't dwell on the negative, it will drag you down.

Purpose: "If you can find your why, you can find your how?" Why do you do what you do? Reflect on that and it will ground you through the rough times.

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