You Can Stay In Carrie Bradshaw's Sex And The City Apartment

OMG! I'm so freaking out! You can actually stay in Carrie Bradshaw's bachelorette apartment! Ok, ok, not the actual apartment, but Warner Brothers has recreated a New York City apartment to look like her apartment. It's in celebration of the upcoming "Sex and the City" reboot "...And Just Like That."

The apartment, of course, has Carrie's laptop where she did her writing with a post-it on it, not from Berger, with the WiFi password. Yes, martini glasses are included to make cosmopolitans.

AND! The. Best. Part. The closet. You can try on her epic outfits, like the pink tutu. You can try on the MANOLO BLAHNIKS.

Sarah Jessica Parker will virtually welcome you to the apartment, too.

Oh, the price? $23 a night!!!! This is to celebrate 23 years since "Sex And The City" premiered. You can start your reservation this Tuesday, November 8th.

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