Monday Motivation Minute: How To Stop Social Media Getting The Best Of You

We all feel the FOMO, the feelings of feeling "less than" after a dose of scrolling. Experts have some tips on how to help keep your mental state intact as you scroll. The effects of too much social media can be devastating on mental health.

For one, mental health experts say when you're having a negative thought brought on by what you're seeing on social media, label that thought. The thought is that if you label the thought, you can break it down better rather than having it stay as just an ugly cloud of negativity.

When you identify the thought that's making you feel bad, write about it. Write your thoughts for or against the negative issue. For instance, if what you're seeing on Instagram makes you feel like you have bad skin, write down the arguments for and against it.

Do things that make YOU FEEL GOOD that aren't on the gram.

Here's a great skill for negativity overall. When you're feeling a negative thought, talk to YOURSELF like you would talk to your best friend. If social media is making you feel less than, what would you say to your best friend who came to you like that? You deserve to treat YOU as kind as you would treat anyone else.

Be aware that you may be going over board on social media. Symptoms of unhealthy use include: sore thumbs from scrolling, excessive FOMO, trouble concentrating during in-person communication, heart racing anxiety while you're on social media and difficulty sleeping.

Understand that it's OK to feel negative feelings on social media. If you're being bullied or a victim of racism or other injustices on social media, those things need to be addressed and changed. You shouldn't just figure out how to deal with that.

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