Monday Motivation Minute: Tips To Lessen The Overindulgence on Thanksgiving

For some, Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where they can be glutonous without the guilt. If that's you, enjoy! For others of us, the gluttony can throw our healthy habits off track or can compound the unhealthy habits. Many have the "i'll start fresh with the New Year" outlook.

If you are trying not to go completely crazy or you're on a health journey like I am with Profile By Sanford, i've picked up on some tips, I would love to share. I meet with a health coach every week at Profile By Sanford and these are some of the tips we've talked about lately:

  • Divide your plate in four quarters. Two of the quarters (or half) the plate should be devoted to wholesome vegetables and salad. A quarter of the plate should be protein (turkey!!) and the last quarter can be filled with those indulgences we enjoy and reserve for Thanksgiving like mashed potatoes, cranberries, green bean casserole, etc....
  • Make a plan to take a walk and live up to it. If you're eating less of the heavy carb-filled food, you might not take that after dinner nap this year and will take a walk!
  • When socializing, try to stay out of the kitchen. If you're not around the food, you're less likely to pick at it. If you do find that the socializing is happening around appetizers and other finger foods, try to put your back to the food so you will avoid compulsively eating.
  • Most important, remember the REAL reason we come together at Thanksgiving. We are coming together to be with family and friends, not to overeat.

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