Is Des Moines a Good City For Singles? The Top City Is In The Midwest

Is Des Moines a good city for singles? Of course, it's not!!! Doesn't everyone get married to their high school sweetheart? Sometimes, it seems that way. In any case, Des Moines ranks at #62 on the Cities Best for Singles list that Wallethub put together.

The best city for singles? Madison, Wisconsin.... hmmm... I wonder if they need help at their radio stations. . . I kid, I kid!

Wallethub based their list on things like amount of single people in an area, affordability of date nights and availability of online dating.

Minneapolis is #7 on the list. We single people may need to start looking in other parts of our region! I mean, you can still come home for Christmas... this time with a new S. O.!

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