Monday Motivation Minute: Enjoy A Stress Free Holiday

I thought for today's Monday Motivation Minute, we review tips to enjoy the holidays without a ton of stress. No one can stop in-laws or that loud uncle who wants to talk politics over Christmas dinner, but there are some things within our control to assist us.

For one... stay hydrated. Water bottle. Deep breath. Drink. Exhale.

Another thing you can do is continue to work out. Is there a better stress reliever? Not to mention, it can mentally help you not feel as guilty for that extra handful of Christmas M&Ms.

Plan ahead.... as much as possible. Try not to wait until six hours before your flight to pack for a holiday weekend away from home. It will definitely save you a ton of stress.

Don't shop or wrap or be sad in silence. Keep up the communication. It can make a world of difference on your mental health. If the holiday blues set in, send a funny text to your BFF, or better, pick up the phone.

You deserve to have a great holiday season surrounded by those you love the most. Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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