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Monday Motivation Minute: Non-Scale Victories

Alright, you're starting week two of conquering your healthy eating goals. You keep stepping on the scale, but it's not going down. What?? You're working so hard. If you're in the weight loss struggle, this happens from time to time. You put in all the work, but you don't get the numbers reward. Maybe this hasn't happened yet, trust me, at some point, it will.

When you get frustrated by a stalling scale, it's time to focus on the non-scale victories.

What are non-scale victories? Victories that illustrate your hard work and discipline, but don't involved numbers on a scale.

Focus on:

How much better you feel

How much better you're sleeping

How proud you are of exhibiting discipline

How you have to buy a new wardrobe because your clothes are too big now

Your stamina at the gym has increased

You have more energy

People are complimenting your

Do a comparison of before and after

Whatever you do, don't stop.

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