Lifehack Wednesday: Herbs & Veggies

It's that time of the year, time to eat healthy. I've been open about my weight loss journey. I've been working with Profile By Sanford since the last week of September. I now consume a lot of veggies. One thing i've learned is that herbs and spices can really spice up a healthy meal!

I love locally grown herbs that you can get a grocery stores like Hy-Vee. However, cooking for one can sometime lead to a lot of produce going bad before I use it. I found a new life hack! If your fresh herbs are starting to go bad, put them in an ice cube tray with olive oil and freeze!

When you have a need for sauteeing veggies in the future, just get one of your herbed olive oil cubes out and melt in a pan with your meal and/or veggies!!!

One other thing I learned is to put baking soda and water in a spray bottle to clean off your produce, then rinse! Clean veggies!

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