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What?! Not Everyone Gets Hangxiety?!

Did you know researchers have found that not everyone suffers from hangxiety after a night of substantial drinking? Hangxiety is that severe anxiety you feel after consuming a lot of alcoholic beverages.

Researchers have found that people are most likely to suffer from hangxiety if they are shy and use alcohol as a social lubricant (probably anxious anyway). Some medications can trigger hangxiety. Obviously, if you do something regretful like texting an ex while drinking you will probably wake up with hangxiety. Dehydration and lack of good sleep that go arm and arm with drinking are, also, causes of hangxiety.

Now, how do you rid yourself of hangxiety?

Sleep. Plain and simple.

Hydration. Can we say electrolytes?

Stop fixating. Fixating on what you MIGHT have done the night before won't change anything.

Breathe deeply.


Now, get out there and have a great weekend!

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